Sedona RV Storage Woes? 8 Reasons Why Camp Verde Offers the Perfect Solution

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Sedona Residents: Camp Verde is your hidden RV Storage Solution Are you a resident of Sedona feeling the squeeze when it comes to finding adequate RV storage? Is your HOA unhappy with how you're trying to park your RV? You're not alone. We hear all the time from Sedona residents about their struggles with finding somewhere to place their RV, Boat, Car or Trailer. The scenic highs of Sedona comes with its challenges, especially when it comes to finding spacious and secure storage solutions for your valuable recreational vehicles. We've compiled a comprehensive list that sheds light on why Camp Verde might just be the answer to your RV storage woes. 1. Camp Verde is close to Sedona with easy access Tired of the endless search for accessible RV storage in Sedona? Camp Verde offers a solution just a short 30-minute drive away. No more battling through congested streets or squeezing into tight parking lots. Our facility's strategic location ensures effortless access from anywhere in the area, making storing your recreational vehicles a breeze. If you are in West Sedona you only have to travel about 25 minutes to our facility headed west out of town and if you are in South or Central Sedona we are only about 30 minutes away headed south out of town. 2. RV Storage actually EXISTS in Camp Verde! Finding quality RV storage in Sedona is like searching for a needle in a haystack. With a glaring absence of high-quality facilities, residents face a frustrating challenge when it comes to safeguarding their valuable vehicles. The scarcity of options leaves many settling for less-than-ideal solutions, compromising on security and convenience. We are a brand new facility with 469 sites and plenty of room for you to store with us today. You can always find pricing and available on our website or by callling our friendly manager. 3. Camp Verde is in the Center of Everything of everything Camp Verde's central location along I-17 stands as a beacon of ...

April 2nd, 2024

7 Reasons why Camp Verde is the Best Place to Store Your RV in Arizona

Why Camp Verde

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Heading out on the open road with your family RV or boat is an adventure unmatched by any other. But what about when the journey pauses, and you need a safe harbor to dock your beloved home-on-wheels? Look no further than Camp Verde, Arizona. Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes and rugged beauty of Central Arizona, Camp Verde stands out as the quintessential destination for RV storage. Here's why: 1. Moderate Temperatures: Camp Verde enjoys a temperate climate characterized by mild winters and moderate summers. Unlike Flagstaff, which experiences much colder temperatures and heavier snowfall in the winter months, or Phoenix, where scorching summers can reach triple-digit temperatures, Camp Verde offers a comfortable middle ground. This moderate climate minimizes the risk of extreme weather conditions that could potentially damage your RV while it's in storage. 2. Low Humidity: Phoenix is notorious for its arid climate and low humidity levels, which can lead to accelerated wear and tear on vehicles, including RVs. Conversely, Camp Verde's climate features slightly higher humidity levels, which help prevent excessive drying and cracking of rubber seals, tires, and other vulnerable components of your RV. This balanced humidity level is optimal for maintaining your vehicle's condition over extended periods of storage. 3. Limited Risk of Freezing: While Flagstaff's higher elevation brings cooler temperatures and a greater risk of freezing during winter nights, Camp Verde's lower elevation mitigates this risk. The town rarely experiences prolonged periods of freezing temperatures, reducing concerns about frozen pipes, water damage, or engine issues that can occur in colder climates. This makes Camp Verde a safer choice for storing your RV, especially if you're not planning to winterize it. 4. Year-Round Accessibility: Unlike Flagstaff, where heavy snowfall can lead to road closures and limited accessibility during the winter season, Camp Verde remains accessible year-round. With its convenient location along Interstate 17, the town offers reliable access to major highways, ensuring that you can easily retrieve your RV whenever you're ready to hit the road again, regardless of the season. 5. Comfortable Camping ...

February 23rd, 2024

We are now Boulder Creek RV Storage!

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Welcoming You to Boulder Creek RV Storage: A New Chapter in Safe and Secure Storage We are excited to announce our rebranding from Zane Grey RV and Boat Storage to Boulder Creek RV Storage! This rebranding signifies not just a change in name, but a commitment to providing top-notch, secure, and convenient storage solutions for your beloved RVs, boats, and trailers. At Boulder Creek RV Storage, we understand that your recreational vehicles are more than just possessions; they represent a lifestyle, a sense of adventure, and countless memories waiting to be made. As the owner, I am personally invested in ensuring that your valuable assets are stored in a facility that prioritizes safety, cleanliness, and accessibility. Why Boulder Creek RV Storage? Our new name, Boulder Creek RV Storage, reflects the natural beauty and tranquility that we want to embody in our storage facility. Nestled in the heart of the Verde Valley, our location provides a serene backdrop for your prized possessions. We believe that the storage experience should be as enjoyable as the adventures you embark upon with your RVs, boats, and trailers. "Boulder Creek" is also the name of the road that we are located so hopefully that makes us easier to find than in the past. What Sets Us Apart? Safe and Secure: Boulder Creek RV Storage is equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including 24/7 surveillance, gated and monitored access where every customer has their own access code, and a very well-lit premises, ensuring that your vehicles are in the safest hands. (See our other ameneties here) Affordable Value: At Boulder Creek RV Storage, we recognize the importance of affordability. If you are a customer that prides themselves on always finding the best value for their hard-earned money, we believe that we are the right choice for you. We offer better value than our competitors, ensuring that you get the most out of your storage investment. Our pricing is competitive, without compromising on the quality ...

February 2nd, 2024